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85 Judy Davis – Identifier of the Great White Pelican that was discovered on Sanibel Island, Florida on Feb 28, 2016.

Bonnie Paton Moon and Larry Morgan, Paton’s Birder Haven: Bonnie embarked on a 4 and 1/2 year odyssey, to preserve and protect her parent’s internationally renowned birding Mecca known as Paton’s Birder Haven in Patagonia, AZ. So began this conservation story of two dedicated naturalist that lives on as a testament to their vision. Show #84 

Dorian Anderson, Biking For Birds is a year-long environmental odyssey aimed at protecting wild birds and their habitats. During this twelve-month endeavor, geneticist Dr. Dorian Anderson, a Philadelphia native, hopes to see and photograph 600 species of birds while pedaling his bike 15,000 miles across the country. 100 percent of all donations raised will go to The Conservation Fund and The American Birding Association. Show #83 

Gayle McNab, Birders’ Exchange Intern and Betty Petersen, Director, Birders Exchange and a past guest of BCR. Gail is the first women international ambassador for conservation and education under the ABA Birders’ Exchange/Massachusetts Audubon Society International Intern program. Show #82 

Bill Thompson III, co-publisher and editor of “Bird Watchers Digest,” discusses his magazine and also his new book “The Young Birder’s Guide to Birds of North America”.  Show #81

Kenn and Kimberly Kaufman take a break from their New England book-signing tour on Sunday, Oct. 21, 2012, to do a live, in-studio show with BirdCallsRadio. Their Field Guide of the Nature of New England is discussed in detail. Show #80 

Phil Donahue will discuss, among other things, his extensive Purple Martin bird colony at his Connecticut home. Mr.Donahue will also touch on his conversations with Edward O. Wilson and James Watson.. Show #79 

Pete Dunne talks about the second edition of “Hawks in Flight”., and Cape May Autumn Birding Festival. Pete also breaks down the identification of several hawk species that often give birders difficulty. Show #78 

Julie Brown is the monitoring site coordinator for Hawk Migration Association of North America (HMANA), and talks about hawk watching. She is also the site coordinator for the Pack Monadnock Raptor Migration Observatory in Peterborough, NH. Show #77 

Joy Kiser and Amy Montague discuss Kiser’s book “America’s Other Audubon” and the artwork of Genevieve Jones and the Mass Audubon Visual Arts Center exhibit featuring Jones’s work. Show #76 

Dave Magpiong and Dr. J. Drew Lanham discuss the Focus on Diversity II conference and the importance of a diverse birding community.  Show #75   PLUS Bonus Audio

Betty Petersen, Director of the Birders Exchange program for the American Birding Association, ABA. Betty talks about how the donated new and used equipment gets distributed to conserve birds and their habitats throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Show #74  

Sean Murtha and Brendan Murtha. Sean is a plien air painter., Brendan is a young birder and the Vice President of The Connecticut Young Birders Club. Show #73 

Joe Schnierlein, manager of professional development at the Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk, talks about Long Island Sound, Osprey, seals, whales, white alligators, the ouzel.  Show #72 

Debi Love Shearwater, the charismatic owner of Monterey-based Shearwater Journeys, has been leading pelagic tours in Monterey Bay, Half Moon Bay, and the Farallon Islands since 1975. Show #71 

Pledge2Fledge, Co-founders, Dave Magpiong, Michelle Mohilef, and Danielle Mohilef, An International grassroots campaign to introduce friends and acquaintances to the vibrant pursuit and observation of wild bird species. Show #70 

Dr. Lawrence Niles, Dr. Joanna Burger, and Dr. Amanda Dey, Authors of “Life Along the Delaware Bay: Cape May, Gateway to a Million Shorebirds,” an informative book about the area and its importance to birds. Show #69 

Kim Todd, Associate professor at Penn State Behrend & Author of “Sparrow,” the interesting history of the House Sparrow. Show #68 

Wayne R. Petersen, Director of the Massachusetts Audubon Society’s Important Bird Areas (IBA) Program. Show #67

Lloyd Spitalnik, Birder, Photographer and co-author of “Visions: Earth’s Elements in Bird and Nature Photography”. Show #66  

Chuck Westfall, technical advisor for Canon USA, talks about the latest equipment for nature photographers. Show #65

Kelly Fuller, Wind Campaign Coordinator for the American Bird Conservancy. Kelly explains what “bird-friendly” means when it comes to wind power. Show #64 

Jen Brumfield, Bird IllustratorNaturalist, talks her illustrations, birding in northern Ohio, getting children involved in nature &  “extreme birding”. Show #63 

Eric Powers, Biologist talks about his project concerning releasing Northern Bobwhite to control ticks. He’s also been to all 50 states and served in the Peace Corps. Show #62

John Marzluff and Tony Angell, authors of “Gifts of the Crow,” discuss the amazing and intelligent corvid family, with a focus on crows. Show #61 

Greg Hanisek, editor and naturalist, discusses Avian Record Committee, eBird, pheasants, peregrine falcons, mountain lions, hummingbirds and more. Show #60 

Florence “Flo” McBride, Listen as this popular Connecticut birdwatcher describes how she gets children excited about learning about nature and birds. She even does her “Blue Jay rap”. Show #59 

Katie Fallon, author of Cerulean Blues: A Personal Search for a Vanishing Songbird.Katie discusses the plight of the Cerulean Warbler, a beautiful blue warbler  that is declining rapidly. Katie went to South America to visit the birds’ winter habitat. Show #58 

Terry Backer, LI SoundKeeper, CT State Rep, Exec Dir, Soundkeeper Inc. talks about important initiatives that will protect the Sound, what the Soundkeeper organization (now 25 years old) has done over the years to protect the Sound, and, of course, birds. Show #57 

Michael Moccio and Patrick Dugan talk about forming Cove Island Wildlife Sanctuary. Patrick also does some of his famous bird calls. Kenn and Kimberly Kaufman check in from The Biggest Week in American Birding. Show #56 

Derik Lovitch, author of “How to Be a Better Birder,” discusses his book, radar, weather, the Whole Bird and More approach to bird identification, conservation, birding in Maine, and more. Show #55 

Kenn Kaufman, renowned birdwatcher and field guide author, discusses migration, northwest Ohio, his latest projects, getting kids involved in the outdoors and a variety of other topics. Show #54 

Julie Zickefoose, artist and author of The Bluebird Effect: Uncommon Bonds with Common Birds, discusses her book, art and the beauty of helping birds. Show #53

Julian Hough, wildlife photographer and birder, discusses bird photography, migration, Cape May and Avian Records Committee. Show #52

Kevin Karlson, Wildlife photographer, author and “birding by impression” advocate, discusses a new way of looking at birds — a more holistic approach. Show #51 

Mary Warren, Naturalist, Magee Marsh Wildlife Area in Northwest Ohio. Mary discusses bird migration, other wildlife, Magee Marsh, and how she became a naturalist late in life. Show #50

Richard Crossley, Author of The Crossley ID Guide Book. Richard also talks about a Global Bird Initiative, Pledge to Fledge, whereby birdwatchers will bring along non-birders for a day in the field looking at birds. Show #49

James Currie, Host of Nikon Birding Adventures TV talks about birding around the world, finding and taping an extremely rare hummingbird in South America, bagging “golden birds,” and plenty of other topics. 

Benjamin Van DorenPast President of New York Young Birders Club,  future conservation leader & a finalist for the prestigious Intel Science Talent Search for his studies on the morning flight and nocturnal migration research. 

Jayne Neville, founder and president of Mount Vernon Songbird Sanctuary, talks about her specialty of songbird rehabilitation. 

Milan Bull, senior director of conservation and science for Connecticut Audubon Society, discusses the 2012 Connecticut State of the Birds report. 

Dr. John Fitzpatrick, Director of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, speaks at length about the Great Backyard Bird Count. 

Pete Dunne, Author and renowned birder, talks about The World Series of Birding, nature writing, New Jersey Audubon, Cape May and other birdy subjects. 

Kimberly Kaufman, Executive director of Black Swamp Bird Observatory, talks about warblers, Biggest Week in American Birding, and other topics. 

Twan Leenders, Conservation Biologist, Connecticut Audubon Society  Stratford Point projects including his expertise of reptiles and amphibians. 

Clay Taylor, Naturalist Market Manager, Swarovski Optik. Talked about Digiscoping, Optics, and Birding in Texas. 

Long Island Sound discussion with author Tom Andersen who wrote “ This Fine Piece of Water: An Environmental History of the Long Island Sound.” We discuss the Sound, its importance to birds, the challenges it faces, its fertility heyday, and what lies ahead for it. 

New Year’s Day Bird Calls with Jeffrey A. Gordon, President of American Birding Association. 

Christmas Day Bird Calls with Dennis Varza, Connecticut birder compiling historical account of birds recorded in Connecticut. 

Live Christmas Bird Count updates from throughout the state. How are the counters faring on the coastal and inland counts? Listen here to find out. 

Denise Savageau, Conservation Director for the Town of Greenwich. As we all know, birdwatching and conservation go hand-in-hand. Find out how conservation directors weigh a town’s needs with the needs of birds and other wildlife. 

Judy Richardson is a Master bird bander and Chairman of the Regional board of CT Audubon Society. Richardson also owns a property in Costa Rica and bands birds there, too. An interesting and fun interview. 

Al Levantin, one of “The Big Year” original birders talks about his magical 1998 run. He also discusses birding in general, birding in Central Park in NYC, and how many birds he logged in Connecticut during his Big Year. 

Catherine Hamilton, Birder and Artist, talks about her Big Year in which she is traveling the country (and beyond) watching, studying and drawing birds. Here the story of this special type of Big Year. 

Mark Obmascik, Author of “The Big Year,” discusses the movie, the book, the characters in the book and his own birding passion. Originally aired the day after the movie with Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson debuted. 

John Fitzpatrick, Director of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, talks about birds, birdwatching, the future of birdwatching, the plight of the ivory-billed woodpecker, and lots of other bird topics. A great interview with the director of one of the finest bird organizations in the U.S. 

Patrick Comins, Director of Bird Conservation for Audubon Connecticut, talks about bird conservation and protecting land for that purpose. He also discusses birdwatching in general. 

Ted Gilman, Naturalist at Audubon Greenwich, talks about the joys of getting to know a spot really well, as well as traveling the world for the good of nature. He also talks about getting children involved with nature. 

Floyd Scholz, Master Bird Carver and 2011 CT Audubon artist of the year, talks about carving birds and how he got involved with nature. Other topics include: how to sell art, how to create art from a block of wood, his studio in Vermont and playing the banjo while riding a unicycle. 

Jenny Dickson, Supervising Biologist with the CT DEEP, is the guest. Live show from Oyster Festival. Covered a wide range of topics. Birds of prey, waders, moose, bats and frogs. 

Luke Tiller, talks about being the Official Hawk Watcher at Audubon Greenwich. Joe Warren talks about hurricanes. 

Chris Bosak BCR host, talks about ways to protect birds. Listen and help give back to the birds that give us so much enjoyment throughout the year. Aug 27 Bird Calls

Chris Bosak BCR Host, talks about the whip-poor-will and about the dangers of birdwatching. Joe Warren of Wild Birds Unlimited talks about the trademarked seed Nyjer. 

Don Riepe, Guardian of Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in New York City, talks about shorebirds, land conservation and getting kids involved with the outdoors. Joe Warren of Wild Birds Unlimited talks about cleaning your feeders. 

Connecticut State Rep. Terrie Wood talks about her history of land conservation and why she got into politics. A republican with a long history of environmental stewardship! Joe Warren talks about open space and my son Andrew even makes an cameo appearance. 

Richard Soffer, long-time birdwatcher and rare bird book collector, as well as serious Sherwood Island birder, talks about his experiences birding since the 1940s. Joe Warren talks about young birds in the yard. 

Susan Snider, President of Friends of Norwalk Islands, talks about the unique habitat of the Norwalk Islands, part of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s National Wildlife Refuge System, and the importance of groups such as hers. 

Joe Zeranski, co-author of “Connecticut Birds” book and long-time birdwatcher, gives a historical perspective to birding in CT. 

Wayne Roberts, Regional Director CT, LI, of Ducks Unlimited, talks about ducks and his organization. 

Keith Tomlinson, talks about birdingpal.org Show #16

Dara Reid, Founder and Director of Wildlife in Crisis, a wildlife rehab center. talks about the rehabilitation of injured and abandoned animals. Joe Warren of Wild Birds Unlimited talks about bats. Chris Bosak talks about backyard birds. Show #15

Chris Bosak BCR Host, Talks about Farther’s Day. Show #14  06-18-11 BirdCallsRadio

Jeannie Mortensen, Garden Designer, Stew Leonard’s Garden Center, talks about plantings to attract birds. Show #13

Richard Crossley, Author of  “The Crossley ID Guide”, talks about his new guide book: Show #12

John Moeling, Vice President of the Norwalk Land Trust, talks about what land trusts do. Show #11

David Park, talks about kayaking and birding the Norwalk Islands. Show #10

Tina Green, talks about Sherwood Island State Park. Show #9

Frank Gallo, Assistant Director, Connecticut Audubon Society at Milford Point. Talks about a Birding Big Day. Show #8

Chris Bosak, talks about New England’s warblers. Show #7

Margaret Ardwin, Director of Education, Earthplace, The Nature Discovery Center. Talks about Earthplace in Westport. Show #6 

Townsend Dickinson, Conservationist, longtime Professional Wildlife Photographer talks about his indepth knowledge and studies on Warbler migration. Show #5 

Bill Wilson, Co-founder of Birds and Beans, talks about his Bird Friendly coffee and the positive impact of migratory birds on shade coffee: Show #4 

Frank Mantlik, one of Connecticut’s top birders, talks about birding in CT. Show #3 

Captain Larry Flynn, talks about birding the Norwalk Islands. Show #2 

Miley Bull, Senior Director of Science and Conservation, CT Audubon Society, talks about the 2011 CT State of the Birds. Show #1 


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