Pete Dunne next guest on BirdCallsRadio

Pete Dunne, © Linda Dunne. All Rights Reserved.

Pete Dunne, well-known birder and author, will be the next guest on BirdCallsRadio, coming up from 1 to 2 p.m. this Sunday on 1490 WGCH and Worldwide Internet Streaming here on Listen Live. 

Continuing our conversation about hawks from last week’s show, when we spoke with Julie Brown of HMANA, Dunne will discuss the updated version of “Hawks in Flight: The Flight Identification of North American Migrant Raptors,” written by Dunne, David Sibley, and Clay Sutton.

Hawks in Flight Cover All Rights Reserved.

Originally published in 1989 and recently updated by the authors, the book shows birders how to identify hawks at a distance using body shape and movements. We’ll ask Pete to break down the identification of certain birds of prey that often give birders fits.

Pete has also generously offered to donate a book to be won by a BirdCallsRadio listener. Tune into the show for details.

Dunne will also be the keynote speaker at the upcoming Hawk Migration Association of North American Conference, HMANA, which will take place Oct. 13-14 at Audubon Greenwich.

Dunne is the Chief Communications Officer of New Jersey Audubon and Director of the Cape May Bird Observatory.

Through books like “Pete Dunne on Birding”, “The Wind Masters”, “Hawks in Flight” , “The Feather Quest” “Prairie Spring”, “Bayshore Summer”, “Artic Autumn”, “Pete Dunne on Bird Watching”, “The Art of Pishing”, The Art of Bird Finding” and the “Essential Field Guide Companion”; regular columns that have appeared in Birding, Bird Watcher’s  Digest, WildBird, Birdwatching, American Birds, Living Bird, the “New Jersey Section” of the New York Times and frequent speaking engagements in the United States, Canada and abroad, he weaves information, insight and even fantasy into a net that captures minds and hearts.

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