Debi Shearwater next guest on BirdCallsRadio

Debi Love Shearwater

Debra Love Shearwater, pelagic bird tour leader and the inspiration for one of the characters in the book and movie “The Big Year,” will be the next guest on BirdCallsRadio, coming up this Sunday Aug 19 from 1 to 2 p.m. EST on 1490 WGCH and Listen Live WORLDWIDE on internet streaming.

We’ll discuss with Debi topics such as: just what is a pelagic trip; what birds might one expect to see on a pelagic trip off the coast of California, where she is based; what other wildlife may be seen on a pelagic bird trip; what it’s like to travel on pelagic to places such as Antarctica and the High Arctic.

Debi has been birding off the coasts of all seven continents and that is likely to come up in conversation. We’ll also talk about The Big Year (she was protrayed by Angelica Huston (Annie Auklet) in the movie.)

Debi has worked with EarthWatch on a radio tagging project for Blue Whales, and has worked with studies of various dolphins. Marine natural history has been a major part of her life.

She has logged more than five years at sea, visiting such places as the Bering Sea, Russian Far East, Aleutian Islands, Iceland, Spitsbergen, Seychelles Is- lands, Galapagos Islands, many Caribbean Islands, Panama Canal, Mediterranean,Tas- mania, Macquarie Island, sub-Antarctic Islands of New Zealand, Tristan da Cunha Is- lands, St. Helena, Ascension Island, Cape Verde Islands, and of course, Antarctica, South Georgia, and The Falkland Islands numerous times.

Debra Shearwater is known for establishing Shearwater Journeys Inc, a company that has offered one day pelagic trips from California since 1976. Since that first trip, she has shared Monterey Bay with some 70,000 nature lovers.

This promises to be an exciting show. Be sure to tune in Sunday Aug 19 from 1 to 2 p.m. EST on 1490am WGCH or “Listen Live” Worldwide internet streaming.


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One Response to Debi Shearwater next guest on BirdCallsRadio

  1. Eileen says:

    I have known Debi since the 80’s and in addition to all the kudos you list above, she’s caring friend with a great sense of humor! Go Deb!


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