Pledge To Fledge next on BirdCallsRadio

Pledge to Fledge

Pledge to Fledge

Pledge to Fledge will be the topic of discussion on the next BirdCallsRadio program, which will air from 1 to 2 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 12, on 1490 WGCH and Listen Live above.

We will have as guests three of the directors and co-founders of Pledge to Fledge (P2F), a grassroots Global Birding Initiative whereby birders introduce the hobby to nonbirders. The birders will share their experiences through photos, videos and stories via the website The event will be held worldwide on the weekend of Aug. 24-26.

Our special guests will be Dave Magpiong and sisters Michelle and Danielle Mohilef, three of the five co-founders and board of directors of P2F. Richard Crossley and Keith Barnes are the other board members. In fact, Richard Crossley discussed Pledge to Fledge back in March on BirdCallsRadio.

On Sunday we will discuss with Dave, Michelle and Danielle how the idea for P2F came up, how the movement got formed, what is involved and what they hope to accomplish with the worldwide event. It promises to be an enlightening and informative show. Be sure to tune in.

Dave Magpiong All Rights Reserved

Dave Magpiong is a special education teacher in New Jersey and he was amazed at the developmental benefits the morning bird walks with his students had. Dave has introduced birding to countless children and he also plays active roles in the world of conservation. In 2005, he launched the Fledging Birders website, which has been used by people across North America to inspire an appreciation of birding and conservation in our youth. In 2009, he founded the Fledging Birders Institute.

Danielle Mohilef and her sister, Michelle, founded Pacific Bird and Supply Co., Inc., a Los Angeles‐based bird feed and supply company. After a stint working on

Danielle Mohilef All Rights Reserved

political campaigns, Danielle turned to the nonprofit sector and co‐founded the LEAP Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non‐profit youth educational foundation geared toward empowering and mentoring young adults. According to her bio on the P2F website: “Danielle’s enthusiasm for birds is tremendous and contagious. It is this passion, coupled with her affinity for working with and inspiring young adults, which fuels her commitment to aid in bird education, awareness, and conservation.” To that end, Danielle works with Flying Wild, a non‐profit program of the Council for Environmental Education that teaches bird education through standards‐based classroom activities.

Before launching Pacific Bird with her sister, Michelle Mohilef worked in the Impressionist and Modern Art Department at Christie’s in New York City. Loving birds is a natural for Michelle with her eye for detail and insatiable curiosity to learn.

Michelle Mohelef

Michelle Mohelef All Rights Reserved

According to the P2F website, “Michelle believes that educating today’s children and future generations about wild birds will engender interest in wildlife and nature, inspire stewardship of this most precious of natural resources, and pave the way for generations to actively defend and conserve the environment.” In June 2011, Michelle was inducted to the Wild Bird Feeding Industry Research Foundation Board of Trustees and was soon elected as the Board’s Vice President.

Be sure to tune in Sunday for another exciting BirdCallsRadio and to learn how you can inspire someone else to become a birder! Take the Pledge


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