Bird banding with the kids

Will releasing a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher

More photos below.

One day this week I brought the boys over to Birdcraft in Fairfield, Ct., to watch the expert bird banders in action. A big thanks to Judy Richardson and everyone else who was there banding and helping to educate Andrew and Will.

Sure, the boys missed an hour or two of school, but the lessons they learned I think were plenty valuable. can’t beat hands-on science.

Speaking of hands on, the action was a bit slow as the birds, for the most part, avoided the nets. But, Will did get to release one bird and Andrew got to release one bird. Will actually got to hold and release, under the watchful eye and instruction of Judy, a Yellow-Bellied Flycatcher. Not a bad bird for a five-year-old to become acquainted with. Andrew got a larger bird, a Gray Catbird, to release. They both were thoroughly thrilled to hold and release the birds. Andrew also intented watched Judy as she inspected and banded the birds. Thanks again to all at Birdcraft.

Judy was a past guest on BirdCallsRadio. Go to BCR Archives as she discusses bird banding in New England and Costa Rica.

Don’t forget Sunday’s show with Katie Fallon, author of “Cerulean Blues,” a book about the plight of a beautiful and rapidly declining warbler. Sunday from 1 to 2 p.m. at 1490 WGCH and Listen Live.

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Andrew releasing Gray Catbird

Andrew watching the action intently.


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