BirdCallsRadio featured on optics website

All Best Binoculars ( is branching out and profiling birdwatchers throughout the country.

Guess who was the first profile in a Q&A interview format story?

Here’s the start of the profile:

Ten Questions with Chris Bosak of

We here at decided to take some time away from our product reviews to bring you an interview with a prominent New England birder. You may know Chris Bosak from his weekly nature column For The Birds, or from his radio show Bird Calls Radio. You may not know his work at all… but we suspect that will soon change.

1. You originally graduated from college and started working as the sports editor for a Vermont newspaper. How did you

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As always, thanks for your support of BirdCallsRadio



About BirdCallsRadio

Host of BirdCallsRadio, airs Particular soft spot for northern maine wildlife, Advocate for wildlife.
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One Response to BirdCallsRadio featured on optics website

  1. Perry says:

    Thanks, Chris! It was a pleasure interviewing you!

    ~ Perry (


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