Kimberly Kaufman next guest on Bird Calls Radio

Kimberly Kaufman

Kim Kaufman, Executive Director of Black Swamp Bird Observatory. ©Delores Cole All Rights Reserved.

Kimberly Kaufman, executive director of the Black Swamp Bird Observatory, life-long outdoor enthusiast and wife of world renowned birdwatcher and author, Kenn Kaufman, willl be the next guest on Bird Calls Radio, coming up this Sunday from 1 to 2 p.m. on 1490 WGCH AM and “Listen Live” above.

Kim is a native of Ohio and Black Swamp Bird Observatory is located in the northwestern portion of that state. She spends most of her time promoting research, education and bird conservation through that organization.

She has a particular interest in educating youth and her efforts led to the formation of the Ohio Young Birders Club, a statewide organization for teens.

She has also dedicated hundreds of hours taking part in research projects, such as monitoring bald eagle nests, banding wading birds and songbirds, and taking part in butterfly and bird surveys.

Over the past five years, Kimberly has focused a great deal of effort on the concept of bird-related tourism, and helped to develop The Biggest Week In American Birding: an 11-day, spring birding festival in northwest Ohio. She is also is currently serving a term as President of the Board of the Visitors’ Bureau for Ottawa County, Ohio.

Kimberly is married to world-renowned birder and author, Kenn Kaufman. The Kaufmans’ blog, Birding with Kenn and Kimberly, shares their adventures as they travel the world and explore their own backyard in a perpetual quest for birding excitement.  Even their cat gets into the act!  Kirby (aka Kitty Meow-Meow Head) maintains the “Cats Belong Indoors” Facebook page, as a self-described “advo-cat” for keeping cats indoors.

As always, thanks for you support of Bird Calls Radio. The show airs from 1 to 2 p.m. every Sunday on 1490 WGCH and “Listen Live” above. Archives from each show are available above, as well 3 days following the aired show date.


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