Bird Calls Radio’s Bird of the Day for Monday, Sept. 19

Sanderlings by Chris Bosak (copyright, all rights reserved)

The Bird Calls Radio’s Bird of the Day for Monday, Sept. 19, is the sanderling. The sanderling is one of New England’s beloved “peeps,” those small shorebirds that are so difficult to differentiate from one another.

At the ocean, sanderlings chase the surf looking for morsels to eat. They also provide endless entertainment for birdwatchers who, for some reason or another, are forced to sit on the beach and can’t escape for a birding adventure. That alone makes the sanderling one of my most appreciated birds.

Peeps, which also include several types of sandpipers, are difficult to ID because the species all look different depending upon time of year and age of bird. The sanderling, for instance, are brownish during the spring and mostly gray during the winter.

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