Bird Calls Radio’s Bird of the Day for Saturday, Sept. 17

Yellow-bellied sapsucker by Chris Bosak (copyright, all rights reserved)

The Bird Calls Radio’s Bird of the Day for Saturday, Sept. 17, is the yellow-bellied sapsucker — the bird made famous by Ed Norton as he mentions this bird in a The Honeymooners episode.

Jokes aside, the yellow-bellied sapsucker is indeed a real bird and is one of New England’s many woodpecker varieties. Throughout much of New England they are seen only during migration periods. I have the best luck during fall. I’ve usually see sapsuckers at least once during the fall migration, so keep an eye out for these handsome birds now.

I was lucky enough to see the above bird — an adult sapsucker — last fall. Usually I see immatures in the yard, which are much more bland and mottled in color. Not that I’m complaining, I’ll take the sighting.

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